Secure Managed Wi-Fi

Secure Cloud

Managed Wi-Fi

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Control misuse and enhance security.

With Managed Wi-Fi solution from Computers and Controls, you can control misuse by staff members, optimize bandwidth, increase productivity and mitigate against security risks.

Multi-site analysis and reporting helps retailers measure foot traffic and presence-based user behaviour

• Detect the presence of visitors via their mobile devices from Meraki’s
cloud-managed access points

• Glean analytics from all Wi-Fi devices connected and unconnected
• Optimize customer engagement through new insights into stores
• Take advantage of rich statistics revealing time spent in store, new
visitors, and repeat visitors

• Use analytics data to make decisions on staffing, storefront design, or employee and BYOD policies
• Drive customer engagement by integrating with existing customer
relationship management (CRM) systems

Discover the Benefits of Secure Cloud Managed Wi-fi

Experience exceptional wireless performance, speed, capacity and reliability for business-critical applications. Get the bandwidth that is optimal for your enterprise.

Protect users’ data and your business with strong network-based security. Control access to risky sites and greatly reduce vulnerability to unauthorized access.

Our dedicated support teams provide 24/7 customer care so there is no need to have a dedicated in-house IT professional.

Get advanced management and visibility and control with our Cisco Meraki Dashboard all for a low monthly fee. And best of all there is no need to switch from your current internet provider.