Managed PBX and SIP


EnterpriseCloud Solutions Managed PBX
Get the latest in PBX ​Communication ​Technology

Computers and ​C​ontrols ​Managed PBX lets your business utilise state of the art ​PBX technology without the hassle of managing or maintaining it. Our cloud based solution offer advanced features, simplicity and upgradability.
Premise-Based Our proprietary premise based system ​allows your telecom system to continue functioning even if you have an internet outage. External and Internal communications are not affected.
Customisable​ Achieve a truly optimized telecom environment that’s tailored specific all to your company’s needs.
Upgradable Moves and changes can be completed in a matter of minutes. ​Your telecommunications expands as your business expands.
Ongoing Supervision​ Computers and Controls provides maintenances services, remote troubleshooting and network surveillance. ​ Never worry about ​finding the staff and resources necessary to maintain and manage your phone system.
Low Upfront Cost. We supply all the equipment software and expertise to get you up and running. ​This greatly reduces operating costs and risks. ​
Low Ownership Cost Minimise recurrent expenditure and gain significant cost savings ​with a ​ single​ low monthly fee. There are no licensing or upgrading fees.

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