The Cloud

  • Cloud Managed Networking
    • Flexible service offerings
    • Proactive network management to resolve issues before they cause disruption
    • 24×7 support
    • 27×7 monitoring & analysis of availability, utilization & performance
    • Locally-based help desk
    • Out of band cloud management
    • Highly reliable architecture with 99.99% uptime SLA
    • PCI compliant, level 1 certified
    • Fully HIPPA complian
    • Real-time troubleshooting capability
  • Dedicated Web-based Dashboard

    User-friendly, Computers and Controls web-based dashboard provides powerful real-time network data and analytics

    • Search for users by device type (iPad, Android etc.)
    • Locate clients across multiple sites with Google Maps integration
    • Monitor client or organisation application usage
    • Access network summary reports
  • Speed & Scalability

    Go live with Computers and Controls fully managed enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, switching and security immediately after placing an order Computers and Controls can expand your network to new areas, including new sites, and become live straightaway

  • Managed Wi-Fi

    Simply and securely connect wireless users with Managed Wi-Fi from Computers and Controls. Enable Wi-Fi access for employees and customers with a better user experience at a predictable monthly costs. Our cloud managed Wi-Fi gives you advanced management and visibility that can free up your IT resources.

    Using the latest Cisco Meraki Access Points and Switches that are 100% cloud managed allows for Fast Deployments and gives users secure access, protection from malware, and private transactions.

    Predictable Monthly Cost – Grow your business with fixed monthly cost per device.


  • Next Gen Guest Wifi With Facebook Login

    Computers and Controls can enhance your guests’ Wi-Fi experience by integrating it with Facebook

    • Guests connect to the Wi-Fi by checking in on Facebook
    • Built-in firewall configured to provide guest access securely isolated from the LAN
    • Customize user experience by using your organization’s Facebook Page as a splash page
    • Multiply brand awareness by virtual word-of-mouth when guests show their friends they visited your location in their News Feed
    • Access aggregate and anonymous demographic data Facebook provides about visitors
  • Decide With Confidence

    Computers and Controls rich network reporting allows decisions to be made that are backed up by data

    • Visualize presence of visitors via their mobile devices on Computers and Controls heatmap
    • Access to analytics from all Wi-Fi devices connected and unconnected via Computers and Controls customer dashboard
    • Use analytics data to make decisions on staffing, storefront design, or employee and BYOD policies
    • Understand behavioural trends to drive revenue or improve operational efficiency
    • Compare analytics across locations with multi-site analysis and reporting
    • Computers and Controls can drive customer engagement in retail environments by integrating with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Surviving The iPad Crush

    Peace of mind with a Computers and Controls fully managed, reliable and secure environment for iPads and other mobile devices

    • Exclusively 802.11n & new 802.11ac wireless APs designed for heavy tablet usage employed
    • Applications, security, and settings of mobile devices managed by Computers and Controls
    • NAC and device management to control heterogeneous client environments
    • Fully configured stateful firewall segregates and restricts network access from unauthorized devices
    • Device & time based policies applied to tame the most demanding iPad & mobile device environments