Secure your business network against sophisticated threats and malware.


Simply and securely connect wireless users with Secure Managed Wi-Fi from Computers and Controls.

Managing and securing a private Wi-Fi network while also enabling a Wi-Fi layer with a quality end user experience requires substantial attention and resources to implement and maintain.

Secure Manage WiFi provides a complete, end-to-end WiFi service that frees you from the burden and CapEx (Capital Expenditure) cost of setting up and managing a wireless network.

Rely on dedicated support teams to provide 24/7 customer care and proactive monitoring, backed by local technical expertise

  • Give users better user experience with exceptional wireless performance.
  • Get more speed, capacity, and reliability for business-critical applications.
  • Protect users, data, and your business with strong, network-based security.
  • Get enterprise-class wireless for your small or medium-sized business.
  • Provide network access within minutes to any user and any application without compromising security.

Our cloud Secure Managed Wi-Fi gives you advanced management and visibility that can free up your IT resources while allowing your employees to work securely the way they want.

Benefits with CISCO Meraki

The Cisco Meraki dashboard allows administrators to see the devices and applications being used on their network. With deep analytics from the dashboard, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, boosting network security and easing end-user experience.

With Meraki cloud managed wireless, network administrators have intuitive and powerful tools in their hands. They can add wireless capacity in minutes with fully automatic provisioning, manage complex, dynamic environments using Auto RF, throttle bandwidth or block applications with only two clicks, and streamline device onboarding with built-in MDM.

Meraki dashboard mobile app is ideal for network management on the go. Being able to manage your entire Meraki infrastructure from anywhere means you can monitor and configure your wireless, switching, and security infrastructure, see network status and usage, and receive push notifications for network outages through the cloud from anywhere without onsite IT.

Cloud Managed Security

The Meraki MX Security Appliance is optimized for distributed
retail locations, protecting sites from attack while reducing
network complexity.
• PCI L1 certified cloud architecture
• Secure branch locations
• Easy deployment and maintenance
• Branded, in-store customer connectivity
• Dynamic retail analytics
• Bandwidth hog containment

Maintain your Firewall Security Now!

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