Is your Carrier forcing you to upgrade your IP Phones?

Let us help protect your business communication investment today.

Why pay more for less features?
Your IP services provider has upgraded its hosted PBX to a CISCO platform. With this particular upgrade, customers who purchased Yealink IP phones are now forced to renew their contract, spend more and abandon their existing IP investment to adjust to their carrier’s modifications. 
Our team at Computers and Controls can protect your IP investment with a proven solution. By using our Cloud-Managed on-premise IP PBX, your business communication system can remain unified with access to premium features at no additional cost. Yealink users can continue to benefit from effortless use, Cloud-Managed maintenance of their PBX systems and much more. 

Did your company purchase Yealink IP Phones?

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    Computers and Controls will satisfy your every day communication needs with our Cloud-Managed IP solution. Your organization can now enjoy the benefits of a Cloud-Managed on-premise IP PBX with no LICENCES requirement. You can activate any premium features on your IP phones at no additional cost. From receiving calls while out of the office, to boosting employees productivity and more.

    Competitors IP Phone service features

    Plan Features Standard Plan Premium Plan
    Online Portal ✔ ✔
    Call Forward ✔ ✔
    Call Transfer ✔ ✔
    Automatic Call Routing ✔ ✔
    Hunt Group ✔ ✔
    Three-Way Call ✔ ✔
    LTE Modem ✔ ✔
    Remote Office ✔ ✔
    Music on hold ✔ ✔
    Calls Through Mobile App ✔ ✔
    Voicemail To Email ✖ ✔
    Music On Hold ✖ ✔
    Remote Office ✖ ✔
    Unified Voicemail ✖ ✔
    Unified Collaboration Services ✖ ✖
    Unified Communicator ✖ ✖
    Access Anywhere ✖ ✖

    Our IP Phone  service features

    Plan Features Premium Plan 
    Online Portal ✔ 
    Call Forward ✔ 
    Call Transfer ✔ 
    Automatic Call Routing ✔ 
    Hunt Group ✔ 
    Three-Way Call ✔ 
    LTE Modem ✔ 
    Remote Office ✔ 
    Music on hold ✔ 
    Calls Through Mobile App ✔ 
    Voicemail To Email ✔ 
    Music On Hold ✔ 
    Remote Office ✔ 
    Unified Voicemail ✔ 
    Unified Collaboration Services ✔ 
    Unified Communicator ✔ 
    Access Anywhere ✔ 

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