Benefits of using a Softphone

Every small business is looking to scale up to the next level to expand its financial base and clientele. To achieve the above requires investment in communication and technology since sales, marketing, and advertisement need a stable communication system to function. So yes, a softphone will benefit your small business in ways that you cannot even imagine.

But what is a softphone?

A softphone is a communication system that works like a traditional phone, with the distinctive difference being that it uses an application to function. Softphone software is typically provided by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider. These are programs installed on the electronic devices that use the internet connection to receive, make a call, and the entire phone like functionalities. They are increasingly accessible and are compatible with the major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (News – Alert).

Is operating a softphone complicated?

Operating a softphone is not as complicated as one would imagine. Once you have downloaded the softphone client from the provider of choice, follow the step by step setup process in the app until the software is finally installed on your computer, phone, and other electronic devices that are internet and Wi-Fi ready. The following simple setup steps will help you in configuring your softphone in readiness for deployment.

What do I require to operate a softphone?

To operate a softphone, you require one or more of the following:-

The hardware

  • A laptop or desktop computer system
  • A smartphone
  • A VoIP handset
  • Other systems that can connect to the internet

Note: It is always recommended to use a phone to get the best possible sound ambiance noise that does not disrupt and distort the sound quality.  

The Softphone Client software

The softphone software should be installed on the above devices. The VoIP program can download directly onto your gadget from the provider’s web page. Follow the simple steps to install and set up the software on a digital device. With this, you are ready to use your softphone to make, receive calls, and other functionalities.

During the whole setup process, you should ensure that you have a stable internet connection because this system is internet-based.

What are the features of a softphone client?

  • They enable 3-way calling.
  • They can activate Multiple call appearance
  • Blind, warn and do voicemail transfers
  • Show caller ID
  • Offer call waiting
  • Can voicemail
  • Can do call forwarding
  • Retain and save call logs
  • Access mute and volume controls

It’s important to note that softphones can offer more than the above features, so if you want tailor-made software for your business, you can inquire about how to go about it from your softphone service provider.

What are the benefits of using a softphone for my small business?

Due to COVID-19, many businesses are shifting towards working remotely and are embracing the Softphone communication systems. Let’s highlight some of its benefits as opposed to traditional phones.

  • You will cut down your phone communication budget by a significant margin because softphones allow you to call cheaply. The monthly rate ranges from $50 to as low as $3. However, it’s recommended that you sign up for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) through a provider because it will help you access a softphone program for a low cost as opposed to traditional phones.
  • The cost of putting up the infrastructure is completely cut down. All you need to get your softphone system up and running is the internet connection, an electronic gadget, and the softphone software. For the traditional phone, the telephony infrastructure is very costly when you factor in the cabling, the installation, and commissioning of the PBX (News – Alert) systems, as well as the maintenance both corrective and routine.
  • They don’t use dedicated lines, which is cost-effective. Traditional phones use dedicated lines, and in case of a breakdown, the downtime can adversely affect small businesses, especially if its operations are wholly communication-based.
  • Conferencing systems are costly to put up; softphones allow you easy access to video conferencing without requiring to spend a penny more.
  • With a traditional phone, any new phone lines will require you to lay cables to connect your hardware, but with softphones, you can add extra lines by configuring the dashboard to plug in other lines.
  • A softphone is mobile, and you can be able to connect and do business 24/7, unlike the traditional phone, which is static or domiciled at the office and once you are out, you cannot communicate with clients and your staff.
  • The upfront cost you invest before traditional phones are installed at your business premises is cut off using softphones, since you only require software and good to go.
  • Softphones also allow you to work remotely from home or abroad; all you need is a carry your portable device, and you are as good as carrying your office around with you. You can host online conferences with your employees and clients without the need for physical presence, especially during this COVID-19 times when social distancing is the new normal.
  • Unified communication platform services offer one central platform that makes it easier to communicate with each other and clients. You can send instant messages and schedule conference calls, opening up a whole new communication world that traditional phones can only wish for.  


There you have it; it’s important to note that the communication systems you choose for your small business will significantly impact it either positively or negatively.  But we strongly recommend ditching your traditional communication and embracing the new way of doing business, which is soft telephony. If you desire real growth for your small business, you will need to step out of your comfort zone and go for new challenges, and who knows, it might be the air that your company was waiting for to get a new lease of life. However, you should know that not all softphone service providers are the same. A superior solution like the Counterpath’s softphone clients will provide the best experience.

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